Worship –

It’s an opened call to every created being. IT’s innate. Every living creation on earth MUST worship. Everything which is made by the hand of God is commanded to worship and praise the Lord of Host.

Worship is open to all who desire to go deeper in God, all who desire to go higher in His instruction and commands to worship Him, open to all who desire to learn more refined and more expressive ways to honor His name in corporate and in individual prayer and worship, and it is a conscious decision all true worshippers make to remain/walk in this high call, daily – without grumbling and feelings of obligation.


Why is WORSHIP emphasized so much in the church?


Look at it from this angle –

Now that you have made God the center of EVERYTHING do you know what He requires of you? What are you expecting of Him? When it comes to pouring out your all onto God, do you understand what is happening in both the natural and the supernatural worlds? How do YOU define worship and praise in comparison to how God defines it and desires you to present it to Him, daily from your heart of hearts? Yes, there’s a difference in how we choose to worship and how we interpret God’s instruction and command to worship. Is worship your choice to make or God’s? Hmmmph… Good question to consider.

What were you created by God to do? What do you do with the joy and song Holy Spirit spontaneously fills you up with (at the kitchen sink, in your car, at work, or as you are crossing over troubled waters? How do you press through in a pure worship manner when you’re depleted of words, reminders of how He did it before, and songs of praise and worship, and all you can feel is frustration and destitution regarding your situation? “Lord, how do we SING when we’re in a strange land?”

What IS worship? Is worship more about listening in stillness or offering up words to honor God in loud exclamations of His greatness and faithfulness toward you, -your family? Does worship really have power to change circumstances we’ve been facing for some time now? Does it really work or make it feel better when I lift my hands or bow my knees and place my face to the ground? “Lord, I see others grow emotional when You enter the atmosphere, but I don’t express my worship in that way. God, does it displease You when I pray silently on the inside and everyone is shouting out and crying out to You with loud voices? Lord, what if that’s just not the way You made me?

If I don’t cry and sense His presence like those around me, does it mean I’m doing it wrong?” Fret not. Let God give you the answers to your questions from the pages of His Holy Word.

“Does God really speak – to me?” Yes, He does, my friend. All the time. 😊 (In and out of season)

Are you ready to fully understand what God’s Word teaches His children to do DESPITE how we “feel”? Are you ready to get unhinged from your place of comfort and learn how to offer praises up to God – in spite of what your flesh wants to do?

Worship is one of God’s ~Love Languages~ Daily visitation and conversation with Him are a few others He enjoys which worship of Him moves us into as we release more and more of ourselves to Him. Release more and more from our control. He’s easy to love. He’s so easy to love. 🥰🥰🥰 What He gives you to offer back to Him is unique, because you are uniquely, fearfully and wonderfully made by God, Himself. Everything He’s blessed you with to offer back up to Him is special to Him. Believe it.

Worship sets the mood for deeper, more recognizable interaction with Him. (See Exodus 34:29-35) Yes, your personal time spent with God had both a certain shine and a rich sweet aroma which is evident in how you treat and love on others. Your biggest give away of the time you spend worshipping your Heavenly Father is evident in the mercy and compassion you show someone who can never make things right with you again or pay you back for your kind thoughtfulness. Someone who knows they deserve every bit of your hate, but instead receives love again and again from you knows it’s due to your personal time spent with your Heavenly Daddy. You look and act just like Him. Giggles…

When we freely live a life of continuous worship it transfers into everything and everyone we encounter. It also transforms everything within and around us. People can sense when we’ve been in the presence of our good, good Father. Worship blankets (covers) our closeness with Him in a most intimate way. Worship won’t allow us to forget Who God is and what He means to us. When we walk in daily worship it becomes hard to describe exactly Who we are in true covenant with. Only another obedient worshipper gets it. It’s sometimes something we cannot articulate, but we deeply desire others to experience for themselves, because WE KNOW FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE… 😊 Yeah, God LOVES you. He likes you and He simply wants to spend special moments WITH JUST YOU. He’s always interested in hearing about our day to day life and times here, but He truly enjoys it when we INTENTIONALLY come before Him undistracted, (weighed down or not), fully submerged in the Spirit of gratitude, our hands lifted up, our minds and posture in a mode He can easily gain access to every piece of us, every piece of our soul, -touch and work His thoughts into us. With our hearts still, calm, even as the storms of life are raging on around us, and ready to receive HIM – God can do His finest work in and around us. God CAN BE GOD.

Worship is a trade off, an exchange God enjoys participating in with us. All of us for ALL OF HIM. It’s sort of an unfair trade off, but thankfully, there’s no other way He’d rather have it. He’s just that way. Glory, glory to God!!!


It’s time to unwrap the special gift of worship God placed within you and gain instruction on how to properly execute in it, how to fervently utilize It’s spiritual uses in and out of spiritual warfare, and how to remain in worship mode whether things are well with you or not. Worship is you and your heavenly Father’s ~Special Place~ Your Special Heavenly love language and besides prayer, your greatest defense against spiritual attacks. Know tat even our flesh can betray us and attack us and we must learn to call it into submission to God and direct it to what it was made to do – TO WORSHIP THE LORD.

Worship reminds us who we are and Whose we are when we forget we have value. Glory to God!! Worship is our go-to for any and all needs. Glory, glory, glory to God. Though the bills pile up high, the aches in our bodies grow stronger with movement, and the negative thoughts keep coming back, it’s good know worship doesn’t require that we have it altogether before coming before the God of our souls in gratitude. Worship to and of God is our safe place. We don’t have to have a reason to worship and praise the Lord. Knowing God for ourselves, knowing what He saved us from and preserved our lives for, and just having this open opportunity any time of the day to pour out love and adoration on Him is reason enough. Lord God, we worship You simply because of Who You ARE. You deserve all of our praise and all of our worship.

Bless the Lord, O my soul. Bless His holy name.

God be with you and dwell richly in you, I pray in Jesus’ name.

I love you! 🌹🌹🌹

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