DAILY By: Dana Lewis

Psalm 86:12, ESV

“I give thanks to you, O Lord my God, with my whole heart, and I will glorify your name forever.”

Dedication: a feeling of very strong support for or loyalty to someone or something :

~Daily~ by Dana Lewis

I’ve set a course to DAILY purposely ~rededicate~ my life, my home, family, my walk, my visions, desires, my time, talents, and treasures back to the Lord, in the hours I am alone with Him. Not because I’ve done wrong, but simply because I recognize He is Holy, He’s Sovereign, He holds my times, and He has molded me into His very own personal worshiper. I commit myself to daily find all ways I can praise and serve the Lord with my best, because of Who He is and HE HAS REMEMBERED ME. He is good! He has never treated me in the ways I have treated Him. God’s love has never run short nor has He ever given up on me. He’s never given me what I deserve. He’s never failed me nor has He ever repaid me for the evil I’ve done against Him in and throughout my life.

Today, I recommit myself to living a life of praise to the Lord, because His plans for my life are already finalized. Glory to God! I desire to be like all other things He’s created – praising Him day and night, night and day, because He’s my Creator, He made me, He commands this of ALL He’s made and because He loves me, therefore I LOVE…

With everything in me I will daily live my praise to the Lord. I will sing to Him and worship Him, openly, freely, because it is what I was born and raised up by Him to do. I will never dim my light for God. 🎶🎶 “Let everything within me PRAISE THE LORD!” 🎶🎶

The Lord is worthy of all glory, all honor, all worship, and all praise. He remembered me. He answered my prayers and He healed my mind and my heart. God made me to do something I could not do on my own which was ~LOVE & FORGIVE~

He first showed me myself. Then humility set in and I wanted more and more to be just like Him. Daily, I choose Him, because He never stopped choosing me even when I should’ve been left behind. God is worthy of my love and my worship. When I asked Him to begin with me, HE DID. He did not delay. I owe Him ~ALL~ I Am and ALL I HAVE. I owe Him ME (Daily). 🌸🦋🌸🦋🌸🦋🌸🦋🌸🦋