Little To No Effort

If I wish wellness and good quality of life for myself then I can wish it for all. We don’t have to walk in agreement on everything. We are only commanded of God to love all people, pray for and forgive our enemies. It takes more courage to be a dodging coward (an avoider) and more strength to hate and throw shade others and offer vinegar mixed with bitter gall in order to quench their thirst for genuine support. Believe, kindness is more of the act of will and supernatural behavior than the opposite. We are who we are – our true selves when we turn up our noses and refuse to follow the instructions of the Holy Spirit. It shows more of our weaknesses than our strengths and our immaturity and our lack of wisdom. Do it God’s ways takes just one thing: WILL.

We choose to obey Him or not to obey Him. Self control is not what most think it is. It involves something much deeper – a surrendering of yourself to God and patterning your steps to match His steps. God desires you not just do the things He does, but He desires us all to look, act, think and walk as He does. We are to embody His very essence and smell and feel just like Him. ~LESS of me, MORE OF YOU~

This is why so many of us can now live unbothered. We can wish all the same as we want for ourselves. No matter if others do not desire the same for us. We know we answer to a much higher Source of strength. God checks us immediately when our old (unregenerate spirit/heart) man wants to get back in the driver’s seat and begin business as usual. God is not having it! He puts a quick end to that nonsense. He begins to teach and remind us as He did the disciples and the people mentioned in Matthew 5 – ~The Beatitudes~ (How and what our attitudes should BE, daily)

Of course, there are fundamentals we should agree on, as. Christians, but I’m just simply relating to the human experience. Today, more and more people are wishing they had true support of their family and friends. More and more people are sensing a lack of connection in their relationships with others they were once very close with. More and more people are looking for signs and ways to prove if the love they are feeling is real or not. More and more people are beginning to care less and less about the needs and feelings of others because someone very prominent in their life left them to carry the burden of trying to meet and mend all of their unmet needs.

It’s very problematic, in my opinion and too many are settling to take the “easy way out”. All behavior can be altered and mimicked. All behavior – good and bad. Our choices carry a host of consequences with them (which can effect Life for years – generations) and those carry much weight which is why so many people are opting out of doing the work it takes to repair what’s broken. Hard work is too hard for weak hearts, weak minds, weak spirits, – includes people we know, have encountered and may love, but we now must deal with the facts: They’re weak of heart: give a plethora of excuses for WHY and they never had it in them to commit (from the beginning) and while we’re knee deep into trying to piece it altogether, they’ve peacefully collected their belongings, quietly turned the knob to the friendship/relation and tipped toed out without a single thought about where they have chosen to exit the scene. Understand, this describes us ALL. At some point or another we all have displayed feelings of envy, thoughts/feelings of our jealousy, our hatred and dislike for someone we really hoped would fail and we’ve left someone to fend for themselves at the most inopportune time (most crucial point when our commitment has been called upon to remain unchanging) even our words carry poisonous venom when we speak of the person’s strive toward success and a better quality of life. This is not a good look for any of us. It also consumes us and stunts our growth in more ways than we have time to discuss over coffee. It’s sad truth.

My point for bringing this up is this – we must do our best not to allow bitterness it’s chance to alter our attitude, thinking, nor our behavior. When we want to hate on… let’s make it our business to do the opposite – LOVE ON… show love!!! Drive someone to keep doing their best by giving them words of encouragement and find means and ways to support them from a genuine place of worship to God. I’m sure the moment you begin to change toward others (right or wrong) you’ll notice changes will start to appear in your own life. Love begets Love. Do your part without keeping score. Show strength and the evidence of God power divinely working in you by choosing to ~DO IT ANYWAY~ It shows more of who you are aspiring to be, while the opposite reveals more of who you ARE (inwardly, where only God can see and He wants to change)

I hope we ALL make it in this life and finish strong!!! I mean this! I wish for every one of you what I hope for myself and my children.

Here’s to a better, safer, and more dependable YOU!! Pray for your enemies and choose to be a person of honor, grace, maturity, goodness, strength, and wisdom. Be genuinely happy for others – even when you all are not on the same page or you’re up and she/he is down and vice versa. Strive everyday to be a better you than before. ~CHARACTER COUNTS~ #itsonyou #howdoyouplantoshowuptodayandtomorrowandthedayafterthat

Shalom, shalom. 🌸🌸🌸