Don’t go there, Dana! 😂😂😂

You know me – I’ll say what everyone is thinking. I ain’t scurrrrred. 😎

-Strong believer: We cannot fix what we won’t acknowledge.

The truth about “perfect makeup” THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS “PERFECT MAKEUP”. 😳 Right. Okay focus.

This is the advice I often give my clients –


I’d rather see neat work than “perfect” work. Neat shows more care and effort – and consistency, also gives space for mistakes that can occur – but only you would know about. 😉 While in makeup school I learned something extremely valuable which I was able to take away with me and build on –

I am/was my hardest client and teacher to please. (Did you get that or did you miss it?) Being a perfectionist means we have the power to sabotage ourselves, our creations, and the power to crush our own spirits. It takes much more to perfect something that is already perfect than to just accept and pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

I acknowledged my flaw and I began to work from a place of “no go-backs”. What came of it was good enough. I now (practice) leaving it alone – going on to my next… I do the work and leave as is. I have found I receive the MOST ADORING COMPLIMENTS on my work (makeup designs) when nothing went as planned. This has now translated to me EVERYTHING IS IN IT’S RIGHTFUL PLACE AND HAS TURNED OUT EXACTLY THE WAY IT WAS MEANT TO BE. If I am not able to embrace this about myself and my talent to see placement then I am the only one standing in my own way.

I have had the great pleasure of learning about maturing skin and how to better enhance it. It’s an art of love. It’s the same with clothes trends, JUST BECAUSE they manufacture the makeup brands for you does not mean it is for you.

Choose wisely the looks which enhance what is already beautiful about you and still keep you looking recognizable to yourself and others. Makeup can be very beautiful on maturing skin. Believe me. Right placement can make you the envy of the world if and when your makeup is done right.

Choosing right foundation shades for your complexion and undertones, knowing right placement, and mastering the art of blending can take your game to a whole new level. TRUST! #Beast #beattodagawdzhunty

Most people are only interested in learning makeup “trends”, without understanding industry makeup “trends” change from week to week, month to month, year to year. Then they come back around, again. You got it! Trends are Seasonal, doll. That’s right! Catchup, mustard. Once you’ve learned to do this and that, the industry is on to the next and has changed the trend, again. What you’ve just mastered is now considered obsolete in the of those “trending”.

So what is my point in saying all of this?

Well, I’m most interested in teaching my clients the basics. Basics in makeup NEVER change. They are here to stay. Once you’ve mastered the basics of makeup and beauty you can always introduce something else that may be trending during a particular season and let it go, easily once it’s fazed out and never lose your boss look. #makeupbasics101

I SEE A LOT OF WOMEN DOING EXTRA!! It’s so unnecessary and it’s a complete waste of great product.

#1 RULE in makeup –


Never forget that. Less is always more and more beautiful than the other.

Try to steer far away from the makeup “no-no’s”. One no-no in makeup design is allowing your foundation line to be seen at your jawline. HUGE NO-NO. It should NEVER be obvious where you stopped your work. EVERYTHING MUST BLEND INTO ONE. From the beginning of your décolleté up to your hairline and over your ears – I would even include the back of your neck if you are wearing a sophisticated updo and planning to wear something which would expose and bring attention to your skin in these areas.

Everything MUST blend in together. Sunlight never lies. I use natural light to check my (daytime) work. I enjoy my work to look as if my clients have been kissed by the sun, itself. ❤️

Pictures do not lie. Be careful. Most makeup designers can nearly tell who rushed through and who took time to evenly spread and blend out their foundation. Not that we blow up the pics, but certain things are more obvious to a trained eye. Ijs…

So back to my original point –

MAKE IT NEAT! Don’t just pile and pound on makeup, take time to blend your makeup and enjoy your designs. How you feel shows up in your work. Trust me!

Good time management is also a plus in your work. Always give yourself ample time to create a lively masterpiece. Rushing sets you up for unnecessary “do-overs”. Which wastes more time. “Perfect makeup” is the design you can leave your home feeling good about and confident with. You’re the one who has the absolute last say. The end.

Well, I hope this has been somewhat helpful for you. Enjoy the rest of your day/week. Next time we’ll touch on makeup brands – “Do brands make a huge difference in the look I am trying to achieve?” “Why do makeup designers charge so much?” Hmmmmmmm… Very good questions. Let’s converse. I’d love the opportunity to hear your views and to help you to understand the ends and outs of being a free-lance makeup Designer (CEO, Founder of my own beauty business – BLACK OWNED, #thatpart😉) My question is why don’t black women support other successful black business owners? What do you expect us to have to prove of ourselves and our talents, gifts, knowledge, the quality of our work, our accountability and commitment to excellence which boils down to OUR WORTH just so you can feel comfortable supporting us and our successes -? Touchy subject for many black successful black boss ladies, TRUST! I assure you – WE WILL SOON TOUCH ON THIS, as well.

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